Mounting Oncidium Lemon Heart 'Baby Face' Orchid on Cork Bark

I made a short video on how I mount my orchid on cork bark. It's not the only way, but I find this method works for me. If you'd like to mount your orchid and don't know where to start, the video will give you an idea on how to approach it. Thanks for watching! :)

Originally it was supposed to be widescreen, but I had my ugly PJs showing on one side so I had to crop the video to fullscreen :)

Oncidium update

I posted an entry awhile back on the tiny oncidium orchid I got for free. It was in bad condition and today I have good news. Four new growths have appeared and the orchid seems to be doing well.

Too-Large Dress Refashion: Success!

(This isn't a tutorial, just a quick show-and-tell on my refashion)

A coworker kindly donated a dress to me. It was the perfect challenge for my refashion project being that it was a few sizes too large and would require a completely new neckline, redoing the entire zipper, and hiding tear and wear. Necklines are my enemy, but I conquered it with conviction and won. The zipper and other issues ain't got nuthing on me!

Man, my photos are terrible.

Here's the before photo. I have yet to conquer selfies.

I chopped off the neck and a few inches from the shoulders, then created a new neckline. Side view.

From scrap fabric, I cut facing and attach interface. TUTORIAL on facing :)


Redo zipper, shorten hem and what what! Done!

Degarmoara Winter Wonderland ‘White Fairy’

This beauty is my new acquisition: the Degarmoara Winter Wonderland ‘White Fairy’ orchid.

Part of the Oncidium Alliance, this orchid is an intergeneric hybrid between Brassia, Miltonia and Odontoglossum. I never get tired of saying "Oncidium Alliance"—it sounds like the name of a band of intergalactic warriors.

The pot had no accompanying label, as with most orchids, so I'm making a guess based on Google research. This is my most expensive orchid—I think I buy orchids to relieve stress, but most likely they will create more stress in the long run. I see a vicious cycle coming on.

This plant has four flower spikes. Although not as tall as other Oncidium spikes in the store, mine is full of buds! I've learned not to buy orchids when they're currently in bloom, but when they're just buds. I get to enjoy them longer and have more time to learn to care for them. Here are more photos of my new baby. :)